Agricola del Sole

Strozzapreti Tricolors durum wheat semolina Pasta


Strozzapreti pasta is made with 100% APULIAN durum wheat semolina.

Strozzapreti’s shape is characterized by a central groove useful to hold any kind of condiment. The Tricolore option differs from the traditional one because of the dough, it is mixed in with two healthy vegetables: red chard and spinach. Tricolor Strozzapreti can be perfectly cooked with any kind of vegetable or meat sauce. 

Cooking time: 13 minutes. We recommend following the boiling process carefully, in order to optimally cook the pasta.

durum WHEAT semolina, water, 3% red chard, 2% dehydrated spinach.

Size - 500g. 

Made in Italy.