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Revolution - Gluten Free - Rustichelli Snacks


Revolution is an innovative factory based in Perugia, the capital of Umbria, entirely dedicated to the production of gluten free products. The care and selection of high quality raw materials supported by the R&D team guarantees consumers with high level of genuine products.

Rustichelli snack is a gluten-free and lactose free breadsticks. Product obtained from the mixture of various ingredients, gluten-free certified. Wholemeal homemade breadstick with a slightly rough and irregular surface. Classic aroma of baked wholemeal breadstick.

Ingredients: Deglutinated wheat starch, water, corn starch, extra virgin olive oil (5.3%), higholeic sun-flower oil (5.3%), teff flour, dextrose, salt, brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, salt), beet fiber, stabilisier: guar gum, deglutinated barley malt extract, psyllium fiber, emulsifier: modified cellulose, soy lecithin. For allergens see highlighted ingredients. May contain traces of: eggs, milk, other nuts, sesame seeds, mustard, fish.