Italian Supermarkets

Mulino Bianco - Baiocchi (260g)


Mulino Bianco Baiocchi are ideal for a healthy breakfast or a tasty break. Two pastry biscuits, of unmistakable shape, wrap a soft cocoa and hazelnut cream, creating a perfect combination for cream lovers.

Ingredients: wheat flour 52.7%, sugar, sunflower oil, eggs, skimmed milk powder, pasteurized whole milk, raising agents (ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, monopotassium tartrate), salt, wheat starch, flavouring. Hazelnut and cocoa cream 26.5% : sugar, vegetable fats and oils (shea, sunflower), hazelnuts 6.7%, cocoa 2.4%, skimmed milk powder, wheat starch, flavouring. *% of the finished product.

May contain traces of other nuts, sesame seeds and soy.