Ferrarelle - Sparkling Mineral Water in plastic (500ml)


The only mineral water with the certification of mineral sparkling, obtained by SGS technical specification attesting to how all its bubbles are 100% natural, which is exclusively the result of nature. Its natural sparkling and unique taste are the result of the underground path that water takes place through the volcanic rocks of Roccamonfina and Monte Maggiore.

One of the few naturally carbonated mineral waters, Ferrarelle emerges at 15°C having mixed with carbon dioxide from Mount Vesuvius, some 40 miles away.

This bottle is famous throughout the world and loved for generations in Italy.

Composition in mg/litre

  • pH (at source) 6.1
  • Total Dissolved Solids 1270
  • Calcium 362
  • Magnesium 18
  • Sodium 49
  • Potassium 43
  • Bicarbonates 1372
  • Sulphates 6
  • Chlorides 21
  • Nitrates 5
  • Silica 81