Pedrini Moka Coffee Maker in Cherry Red


This festive coffee maker by Pedrini is excellent for preparing traditional espresso and to brighten up any morning. Beautiful Infinity Passion coffee maker made in polished Cherry Red colour with red handle and top. Perfect for any espresso. Easy to use and easy to care.

It is also suitable for any other types of coffee like cappuccino and latte when steamed milk or a frothier used.

Invented in 1933 by an Italian engineer Moka coffee maker is still one of the best ways to make traditional coffee Italian style.

Pedrini Moka is made of safe painted aluminum to come into contact with foods.

The coffee maker is suitable for use on gas, electric, and vitro-ceramic cookers. 


1 cup: 125x83x140mm

2 cups: 135x90x150mm

3 cups: 150x97x160mm

6 cups: 170x110x205mm